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Studies | Grupo Nzinga de Capoeira Angola

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Nzinga Group/Institute edit a journal - Revista Toques D’Angola - and their members have been producing papers and monographies in the fields of educational and sociological Capoeira Angola interfaces.


The thesis "Iê, Viva Meu Mestre. A Capoeira Angola da 'escola pastiniana' como práxis educativa" (The Capoeira Angola of the 'Pastinian line' as an educational praxis), written by Rosângela Costa Araújo (Master Janja) as a requisite for the obtention of the degree of Doctor in Education at the University of São Paulo, in 2004, is one of these studies, and its abstract can show the subject that guide Nzinga Group activities.

The study presents Capoeira Angola proposed by the 'Pastinian line' as an educational praxis founded on ancestry, oral tradition and community concerns. It points these three pillars as principles of belonging to the dynamics of the African traditions in Brazil, addressing afro-cultural resistance and its permanence in educational processes.

Ancestry refers to Master Pastinha, to his reflections, and to the bonds between 'capoeira' and 'candomblé', as a reference of belonging and not of activity, that is, as ambience of africanism characterized by living with the sacred. The oral tradition, the main channel for transmission of knowledge, corresponds to the valorization of a traditional African educational technique. And community refers to groups formed by one or more leaders who share the same codes of belonging and identity symbols.

This third pillar also brings the reasons that may give to this educational praxis the formation of communities open to alterity which drive, in Education, the debate concerning the ritualistic values and the initiation rituals, in the individuals and in the community, to guide the reflection on the sense of identity and of belonging.

Thus, Capoeira Angola of the 'Pastinian line' as an educational praxis, although it is not school environment, turn to school when foment critical citizens and ones in conditions of collaborating for the understanding of fields such as the body, spirituality, art and community, interconnecting them as sacred principles of learning/life.

Many documents and testimonials were analyzed in this research that points 'Pastinian line' Capoeira Angola as a schema of cultural organization to reflect on the presence of the Africans and their descendants in Brazil and, starting from this, in other communities, and also to reflect on cultural forms of human destiny sharing.