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Master Pastinha

Mestre Pastinha - capoeira angola capopeira angola

Master Pastinha was born in 1889 and died in 1981. He left a series of drawings and notes about Capoeira Angola and arouse among 'angoleiros' an educational ideal, which alerts and teaches how it is possible to play ... but not how to play.

Vicente Joaquim Ferreira Pastinha - Master Pastinha - began to learn Capoeira at the age of 8 with the African Master Benedito. He served the Navy and, in 1910, became a Capoeira teacher.

Through the years, he organized the art of the game, founded his own school in 1941, established a teaching method based on old traditions brought by enslaved Africans and wrote the book "Capoeira Angola". But he was not recognized as an educator and African culture preservacionist and reached old age in disregard and poverty.


Angelo A. Decanio Filho. A herança de Pastinha. 2 ed. 1997.
Antonio Carlos Muricy. Pastinha, uma vida de capoeira (Video). Brasil, 1998, 16mm, cor, 52 min.

Reproduction - Master Pastinha's painting.


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